( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

December 15, 2010

Sorry it's been so long !

Morning Glories,
May you find Peace, Joy and Love in your hearts during this wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ! He came for Love He died for Love , lets remember this amazing Love ,and share it with others. This was His message of Love
and Hope for all ! Merry Christmas !
Peace ,Joy, Blessings,
Hi , I have to apologize for not blogging for quite sometime ! Im so sorry ! I have had some crazy happenings going on.. first our trip to Pa to visit relatives and do the huge Penns Cave Flea Market ..turned into Paul having a stay at the Lewistown Hospital for a few days ..we did do the Flea Market and visited with loved ones ..this took place the day we were supposed to come home ...he was doing better ..but just last week he had another episode with his heart again..and ended up in ICU this time ..his heart flipped back to normal rhythm again and so hes home now ..but its kind of scary now ..we never know when this will happen ? Please keep my husband in your prayers !
Well anyways ...while I was visiting Pa of course I went to my favorite place The Olde Hatchery..a place thats filled with prim decor ..I got a farmhouse table built to my measurements ...fits perfect in my kitchen ...finally ..finally ..a table that fits into my tiny kitchen !! At the Flea Market ,I picked up a few really cool cottage items ..a precious chenille bedspread ..I'm keeping this one ..sorry !! some lacey linens & doilies..some white hobnail glass pieces and lamps..another crate ...some more lamp shades ..some frames .. we had a great time ..while it lasted !!
Since then ...I have finished and sold my first birdhouse (pictured above)...dug up my old ski boot, from when I was a kid , and turned it into a center piece , dug through my parents attic ,found some really cool vintage things ..silver Christmas Tree ,a color wheel , knee hugger elf, and my Moms cardboard Chimney fire place its so cool ..I will post the pics when Im all done putting up the decorations in my basement ! Also I have fixed up this lampshade to a really cute Shabby Chic lampshade ...can you believe I found this shade in the garbage this past summer ?? in perfect condition yet ? I also just picked up this awesome vintage leather seat desk chair also works perfect I so wanted a chair like this for my desk area ..I was sitting in a hard windsor chair before ..I love it swivels and leans back and forth ..and it can be raised or lowered .. I had stopped at the Salvation Army's as is Garage ..(it's not the reg store )... and before I walked in ...this chair ..and a vintage all wood sled was over at another area outside I walked up to ask about it ..and the man said .."just take it ..put it in your car we dont have to deal with it" ? sure will & Thank you !! lol... Yeah !!! I was estatic !! It was just what I was looking for !
Basement update : Im about halfway is gruling ....first I have to wash the paneling with bleach ..then dry it for a day then prime it with Kilz ..then paint two coats ..ugh ..its very hard to do with RA it hurts my hands sooo much just to grasp that roller handle I just take my time and do a little each least I got my desk area all done and all organized is exciting to see the transformation ..Im so used to Paul doing all this for me ..but I made him promise ..that this is my project !! I will also update pics of basement ..sometime after Christmas ..and I will....uh oh I just realised ..I still have to finish my Christmas shopping !!! Ahhhhhh ! gotta go .... Have a VERY VERY MERRY MERRY "CHRIST"MAS !!!
Love& peace ,

September 29, 2010

Basement Redo ..ugh !!

Morning Glories ,
Dear Lord , Please give rest to the weary,hope to the broken, and comfort to those in pain! Make your face to shine upon their hearts this day and always ! Thank you Jesus Amen
It's official ...I have been side tracked ...the cooler weather has begun and I became panic stricken about where I will work ? My basement was the only option ..yet it was a major disaster area !...All of a sudden it is hitting me ..this is not just a fun little hobby anymore ..this is really hard ..this is truly "work" lol ...with all the projects that just keep presenting themselves..they just keep coming (I am grateful for though !) and trying to organize it all ...which ones to work on first ..which needs what ..the never ending list of supplies ..organizing that ..trying to keep up the blog ..the before and after photos ..also now trying to create a website from which to sell from ..this takes creative ideas ..and my head is spinning with them !..during all this ..I'm also trying to redo my bedroom .. Paul is redoing Edwards room and now Ive decided to tackle the biggest scariest project of all basement ..(I will be posting pics ..this takes much bravery)..but it is absolutely a necessary, I have to have an indoor workshop ! But to be honest ....lately lol..Ive been daydreaming...that HGTV would just come bursting in and surprise me with 3 room makeovers ahhhhh to dream !! ..Snap!! ..back to reality ..the work is all mine ..ok I need to get on with it then !! Even though is becoming a little overwhelming ..I am still so totally in major love with this work ,which I actually do consider an art form of some sort ..because I am somehow able to express through it take something that was thrown out ..not wanted anymore ..just because of a couple imperfections..or because it's old ..and seems tired or used up ?? to tenderly rescue this piece able to give it a new life by paying some attention to it and loving it caring for it and mending it ..and watching as it goes through it's metamorphosis ..well really touches my heart ..because ..I feel like this is similar to my own life and my story ,how Jesus rescued me and has transformed me ! I know that He is also in this new adventure of my life..but that is a whole new blog post anyways....the basement ..the list of what needs to be done goes : fix the water leaks ... transfer a lot of junk from basement to attic ..throw out old leather and paint all wood paneling ..lay down vinyl flooring that looks like wood floor planks ..paint the ceiling basement windows ..set up area for Corey's guitar ..a new sofa for TV watching ..and my workshop on the opposite side ..and organize all this to look like it all fits ..some how ?? HELP !! Well if I have learned anything in my life is this by day and step by step ..this is how the Good Lord is doing my makeover, and it is how I am going to do mine ! I can do it ..I will finish it ..just watch and see !! lol ;) Pics will be posted soon on makeovers !!
May Blessings & Peace fill your day,

September 03, 2010

My first customer :)

Morning Glories,
Dear Lord , protect and comfort all those who are in pain, the broken hearted and the lonely. Give them your awesome love and comfort ,wrap your big soft warm wings around their souls and hearts !In Jesus Name ,Amen
I am so sorry I havent been blogging in a while, Ive been so very busy ! This is a good thing really !I have found some of the coolest things for some of my projects ! The main ones Im so happy about are the 2 yokes I found one at a huge flea market in Clarence .. and one at a Barn sale yesterday ....that is not egg yolks oxen yokes ..this is the word Jesus used in His scripture message Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden,and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." This is THEE scripture that touched my soul and Jesus captured it with !! I am going to attach the "yoke" to a wooden board ..and then paint the scripture underneath ..I cant believe it ..I came up with this idea about a month ago but I never thought I would be able to find and old yoke of any sort ...but not only did I find one ..but two so far !! Also I found some very old horse bits all rusty ..I also have a scripture for this as well ..with the same concept attaching it to a wooden board I have many Ideas for my crosses as well !I have finished up a few projects and I need to get going on some of the bigger furniture projects they all are scrubbed and ready for my TLC and repairs ..And Im ready to tackle them as well ! ..I also came up with a really cute idea for wooden hangers ..I had a bunch in my attic and I dont really use them I painted them all different cottage colors ..they are so adorable now ..I also finished the quilt ladder and the sling back beach chair ..I will post pics asap ! ..Also I had my dear friend Annette over for lunch last week ...and she just loves my stuff ! She already ordered a birdhouse ...and Im framing a picture she has with an old painted frame ...and she has a table she wants me to paint for her ! Shes my very first customer and she wants to buy everything Ive done so far ..but I didnt let her shes so cute and so supportive ..I love her !! She also already volunteered to sit with me at the craft shows Im going to do next summer ! God has truely Blessed me with her friendship care and love !! Thank you Annette and Thank you God ! Well Im off to go get a good strong cup of coffee and get to work Ive got so much to do !!

Have a Peaceful and Blessed Day !

August 18, 2010

Ive been busy !

Morning Glories,

Dear Lord,
I will rejoice in this day that you have made ,and I will be glad in it ! I ask you for peaceful blessings to be poured out on all my sweet friends today ! Thank you ! Amen
Well ..I have been very busy ..since I have been feeling so much better..and I seem to have abounding amounts of energy ! I am so blessed ! And I have to Thank God ...He is making all this possible in my life ! 7 months ago I was suffering horribly with Rheumatoid Arthritis and UC and on horrible medications ! A month ago I prayed for healing and to stop smoking and for energy and restored health ! And so far stopped smoking and my joints have been feeling better and better and my stomach has been good and I have tons of energy ! All I know is God is so amazing and I am just so grateful for His doing this in me !
With that said ! I am so excited to share some more of my latest projects with you ..where do I begin ..hmmmmm??..... well I picked up a really neat wooden headboard at a yard sale it looks like its from the 50's possibly ..well Im gonna take it and put wainscoting inside the front part and paint it all white ..distress it a little ..I have to say thank you to the very nice 2 ladies at that sale who gave me such a great deal on the headboard !! I hope they will be proud of what I transform it into ..Im very excited about this headboard's my first one ..with hopefully many more to come !...Also I finished a wicker basket and put the vintage lace all around it ..and some dryed hydrangeas in it turned out really nice ..I also cleaned up the 3 crystal lamps so they sparkle ..and I stopped at CTS and picked up a whole cart full of sweet floral lampshades,very cottage style, and Im going to use them for all the lamps Im redoing ..I used one for the transformed kerosene lamp I repainted ..It looks really adorable with it ! Im almost done with the beach chair and Im going to be sewing some pillows with all this awesome material I picked up at some yard sales last Friday ..I finished one of my peg racks and also a clock ..and Ive got so much more to do ! Ive also decided to take an area in my basement and paint it and fix it up for a workshop area ..Im so strewn all around my house ..inside and out ..and it's getting to me now ..I want this all in one place to work in ! So this will be nice downstairs ..but ,now ..ive got yet another project !!
Well enjoy some of the before and after pics ..and keep in mind...down the road ..these items will all be for sale if there is anything you see now your interested in ..feel free to email me !
Have a creative and peaceful day !

August 11, 2010

I actually finished a project !

Morning Glories,

Dear Lord, I thank you for your precious word to start my day ...this warm cup of coffee in my hand ..and for this beautiful day ! May we always remember where this overflow comes from ...You ! Amen
Well , it's not too much , but at least it is a finished project ! It started out just an old wood frame that I rescued out of the garbage When I saw it laying there ..I already knew the possibilities... and then I found a picture in a magazine that I fell in love with ..the saying in the pic I used in my blog because it just captures exactly what I feel in my heart ..about this type of work ! And the picture says it all to me ..comfy, cozy, peaceful ,places even though this isnt some huge masterpiece ..I know .. it really is just fitting that it is the first completed rescued project !
I did manage to get a bunch of things ready to paint yesterday as well ...all taped up and ready, but the air quality was really bad here yesterday ..and with all my lung issues ..I just did not feel comfortable being outside ..and especially spray painting ? ..I have a heavy duty respirator mask ..but Im still just a little nerveous yet using spray paint ..If the air is good today and not humid at all I may try and paint a couple pieces ! I really want to sand the table that Im going to put the florida map in and post cards ..but still a little afraid to sand yet too ? I can always sew the new sling seat for the antique beach chair ...this should be pretty easy ?
I am posting the pics of my Hot Pepper Jelly too ..Im so proud of my first batch ! And Im going to make another batch next week when more Jalapenos come in ..cause I gave all mine away already ! Oh well thats the fun of making it !! Im also going to post a pic of my silly sunflower's hysterical is growing like crazy ..its up above the cable and telephone wires now ..and yet it has small heads all over the top of it ? It is the strangest sunflower I have ever grown ..and Im worried about it blowing into those wires .. also this gives the squirrels a perfect way to get to the heads and chomp them off ? All the other sunflowers seem ok !
Its been a strange summer for flowers this year for sure anyways ! Too hot !
Well Im ready to go and find some work to do ! Enjoy your day and I pray you also find peace in your day today!
Blessings & Peace,

August 10, 2010

Hot Pepper Jelly ..Yum !

Morning Glories,
Dear Lord , I ask you to be with the lonely today, send them a friend to keep them company today..special delivery...from You ..and if no one can show up ..then make Your own presence known to their heart to keep them company !
Well, I did my very first batch of homemade Hot Pepper Jelly !! I grew Jalapenos and had quite the abundance of them ..I had to do something with all those peppers ! Well it was quite the experience ..I made sure though that I did some research first about making jelly ..and got the recipie from my friend Tracy, she got it from the internet ...I read the reviews first and everyone seemed to love it , and they give hints about it ..I love reviews , they always help ! I used only Jalapenos I did throw in a couple sweet bananna peppers only because I had extra ..but all the rest is Jalapenos and I added a tsp of hot pepper flakes ..for a little more turned out good ..I may make the next batch with 2 tsp hot pepper flakes added ..for a little more heat ..but man was it delicious !! I took out a brick of cream cheese ,put out some crackers and the jelly ..and oh we munched on this all day !! Im gonna do another batch ..cause I already gave away all I made !
My Paul took all day yesterday and cleaned all the dust in my house ..what a gem he is ! He is trying to help clean all the dust try and help me with my breathing problems ?? We are going to look into getting an air purifyer as well for the house ..something keeps making my airways close up ..but what ? we do not know yet ! Im seeing a lung specialist on Sept 15th ..hopefully he will help us figure this all out ! Im happy to report I have not touched a cigarette since July 31st ..and I just really dont even care at all ! The thought of them actually sickens me now ! When you cant breathe and your airways are closed off and you just want air so bad in your lungs ..I just cant ever imagine now filling my lungs with smoke filled air now...This is soooo God's doing ! He is truely making sure I do not ever want to touch one again !! Im appreciative for this !! It is a true blessing !
So what's on the agenda for today for me ?....hmmmm I think I will do some painting.. I have quite a few things to paint ..Im just a little afraid of the fumes right now Im going to use a heavy duty air mask to be safe ! This just sounds funny to me lol Im not used to this lung thing yet :) I will post pics later on what I painted today ! Also Im thinking of sewing a different type of shell bag for kids , one they can tie around thier waist or something ..and I also was thinking of sewing some aprons too ! well the ideas are flowing and I need to get working on something today !! Thanks for checking in ..and dont forget to leave your comments and ideas for a peacful life !!
Blessings & Peace,

August 08, 2010

Im feeling much better and ready to go go go !!

Morning Glories ,

May God smile down on your sweet faces today and everyday,and may you feel His warmth in your heart just by seeing His beautiful world ! Amen

Finally ..Im feeling better ! Im so happy ! And Im ready to get back to my work ! Im very excited ,and I pray there will be no more interuptions ! LOL ! Although I must say ..that this whole ordeal with this lung infection thing and my airways closing up ..this was truely a blessing in my life ..I have stopped smoking cigarettes..and I do not ever want to ever smoke again ...and this is exactly what I had prayed for on July 23rd I asked the Lord to take it from me forever and remove the desire and cravings ..forever ..well He made sure of it !! I will never want one again !! I praise God for His answered prayers in my life !
Today was quite the adventure ..Paul and I decided to take a ride to the old barn that had fallen down ,the owners already told us we could take any of the barn wood we wanted , well on the way we stumbled upon a huge pile of trash ..there was so much stuff in this pile ..but only one thing stuck out to me immediately ..this antique slingback beach chair ..soooo cool !! Ive got some neat ideas for this ..a coat of white paint and some pretty floral canvas for a new sling seat..I also picked up a box I noticed some pretty lace hanging out ..I opened it up and the whole box was filled with vintage crocheted lace ..I can use this for some really pretty pillows ..inside was also a little baby outfit a crocheted hat and a cute little jacket ..there were vintage postcards also in there and a baby announcements from the 1940's ..Im glad I rescued this little item ..this was someones precious baby outfit ..Im gonna frame it in glass ..I just think it's special for some reason ! Also I grabbed an Art Deco wooden magazine stand of some sort was really interesting ..I'll see what I can do with that piece ..not really sure ..but its in perfect condition anyways ? We finally made it to the barn ..and got some barn wood ..Paul also got the barn door its a cross buck door and it's dutch ! I dont know what we are going to do with the door ? but I have big plans for the barn wood !! Thats another day though ..I dont want to get ahead of myself !! Ive got quite a bit to keep me busy for a little while now and since Im feeling much better..I need to get something finished now !! :)

August 05, 2010

Thanks for all the prayers !

Morning Glories,

Dear Lord , Thank you so much for all the wonderful friends who are concerned and praying for me ! I am blessed with beautiful friends ! I ask that you Bless their hearts with your peace ! In Jesus Name , Amen

Well here I am a few days later ,Im still alive ... but Ive been through hell and back !! I cant even believe whats happened to me in one week ? I am totally stunned !!! and my world has been turned upside down and topsy turvy !! Somehow (after the Bronchitis sickness) my lungs I guess kinda reacted to the bacteria in my lungs...its because I have Auto Immune Diseases RA & UC .. so the lungs reacted to the foriegn bacteria in my airways and completely got inflamed ..just like my joints do ...only...when your lungs get inflamed ..guess what .... cant breathe ... so needless to say ..Ive been in 2 different ER's and had 5 different breathing treatments .. been to Drs 3 times ..Pulmonary Function tests .... and now Im on about 8 new meds 2 breathers ! Ive also decided to NEVER EVER smoke again ! It was a pretty easy decision when you cant even breathe ..I know now how precious air in my lungs are now ! I wish I didnt have to find out the hard way but I did..and I quit ! And this too is another difficult thing to deal with during all this ..but I am willfully going to do it no matter how hard this all is ! I am relying very HARD on my Lord Jesus right now for every bit of this ..insane crazy surprise event thats jumped violently into my life and totally disrupted it and all my plans ! ..But thats why I am writing today say ..I am NOT giving up on my dreams !! I will get through every bit of this crazy sickness ..Im gonna fight with ALL I have in me ..which is Jesus !! My Rock and my Fortress ! With Him I will go through this and I am still in peace and joy even during the most difficult times of all this ..because I know that Jesus is carrying me through it all ! His ways I dont always understand ..but His Arms are always carrying me !
So I will be coming back and still doing my projects's going to be a little slow til Im feeling better but I will continue my dreams ! So please keep checking back I promise I will have some completed projects done in a couple weeks !! And thanks again to all who are praying for me ! I really feel them !
Blessings & Peace,

July 30, 2010

Still sick :(

Morning Glories !
I pray today will bring you the simple joys of life ! Look around God always has His creative hand in so many things we just have to look around ..I pray you see them today ! Amen
Well Im still not better yet and I had an even worse night last night ..seems like breathing is getting worse ? I will try to be positive and pray that soon the antibiotics start to kick the mean time ..Im just not well enough to get any of my projects done ..I dont even feel well enough to sit at my sewing machine..and Im really getting antsy !! But I have much time to live my dreams out and I know this is just a little bump in the road of life ...(the forest lined country road of life)
I thought I would post the pics of my little cottage style patio I have in my yard..this pation is off my garage and my sweet husband rebuilt it for me last year ..because we found that the carpenter ants had destroyed the inner core of the walls ..what a mess ! But I will have to thank those ants ..kind of ..because I got to repaint it the way I had wanted to for years ! And I was finally able to redecorate it the way I truely wanted ..which is Country Cottage Style !!
In some of the pics you will see some of my past projects the 2 antique oak porch rocking next door neighbor( an elderly man ) was putting them to his curb ...all the seat slats were off but they were there ..I flew out the door almost tripped across his lawn ..and said " are you throwing these out ?" He said "yes " ..I took them husband simply screwed the slats back on and here they are ! One of my favorite ..trash to treasure finds of all ! Also the little round table in between the rockers ..yard sale 2 dollars ..I only cleaned that ... the crystal lamp on it was my grandmothers ! I made the pillow covers and the chairpad cover for the wicker sofa to match the comforter I had.. I was very lucky to find the same material ! The old wooden sea crate box ..was also a yard sale find I think it was only 3 ..I painted the metal shelves I already had a sage green... the shutters on the window were a yard sale find 2 for the pr ..I simply cut off the bottoms across and white washed them ! My Mom made me the embroidery quilt and my Dad made the frame ..I thought it was perfect for that room ..and that little girl in the quilt is just how I feel !! I pride myself on the fact that this room was almost entirely made up of curbside freebies..yard sales..hand me downs ..and sewing projects... I feel so at peace in this little room's not real big but it has alot of love in it ! I have done much Bible study in this room and many prayers as well ..It's my little sanctuary! These are the type of rooms I can hopefully one day help others create !!

Blessings and peace,

July 29, 2010

Change of plans ?

Morning Glories !

Dear Lord Thank you for this day ! This is the day that You have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it ! Amen

Well ...I had my day all planned out for getting some of my projects finished and I wanted to tackle another birdhouse today ..I have a few things to finish painting too ...but I woke up at 3 am with a 101.4 fever ..chills..horrible pains in my joints especially my neck & shoulders ..a bad headache ..and trouble breathing ?? Im completely stunned ..I havent been this sick in years ?

So needless to say I most likely will not be getting anything done today ..I actually am feeling like typing this is difficult ! Hopefully the Dr will be able to figure it out and give me something to help ...the weirdest part of all is ..I have been on Myniocycline for a month for my Rhuematoid Arthritis's an Antibiotic ..and I have really been getting such great relief in my joints from this med..I was so happy ..finally something they put me on worked so good !! So why I would end up with some type of infection is strange ..well I guess it could be viral ?

Oh well I can spend the day dreaming up new ideas about how to fix up my rescued furniture pieces anyways ! Yesterday I saw a pic of a cabinet door ..that was painted white, distressed a little ..and on the inside panel they placed a vintage floral piece looked like wall paper or something ..then they put hooks all along the bottom ..I will try to take a pic of the pic and post it later ..but I thought what a clever way to reuse an old cabinet door !! I posted a couple of the vintage postcards that I will be using for my one table Im going to place a map of Florida on the top of the table,,place a few of these vintage postcards around and then put a piece of glass on top of that ..the table has a little lip all the way around so it makes it nice for this ... I also did a sewing project yesterday ..I bought sandy colored ,light canvas material ,and made a tote bag ..on the front of the tote I sewed sea shells in a heart shape ...I will also make a few and sew the sea shells across the top ..I thought this would be so cute ..for someone to take to the beach and use for sea shell collecting ..or for whatever they bring to the beach ! I will also post a pic of this asap !! I also found some beautiful floral material I had to make some really cute throw pillows ! I also dug through my attic yesterday ..Oh my gosh ..I found quite a bit of things I can sell ..I didnt even realise I had all this stuff ..the cutest little pitchers ..Riveraware cream colored ..a fiesta ware peach color..a teal green riveraware pitcher ..some wood frames a cute little crate that has a Goudy and Kent's sea foam green lable on it ..some wire dryed flower hangers ..a little mini cabinet white distressed with 6 little drawers..and some crocheted doilies ..Im sure theres even more up there..when Im feeling better I will get back up there ! For now I need to find out what's up with this fever balogna !! Please say a prayer for me that it's nothing serious and I can get back to my work right away !! And I pray for you a peaceful day today ..may you find a little joy in the simple things in life !

Blessings and peace,


July 28, 2010

Wednesday July 28, 2010

Morning Glories !

Thank you Lord for this new day ,everyday is a gift from You ! May I find your peace and joy in all that this day brings . Amen

I woke up with such a joy in my heart ! I can't wait to go out to my shop and start on some more of my furniture rescue projects . I don't know where to begin ? Last night ,I was so happy to find a 6' country boot bench a little beat up and in need of a new side ...but I can do that no problem ..I also worked on white washing a wood frame ..that holds an adorable "paint by number" sea scape I can't wait to post the pics ..I'm still working on how to do all this on my blog spot bear with me for a bit ! I also found a wooden book shelf needs a new back I am going to put a piece of wainscoting ..for a new back and paint it white ! I also started my prime coat on an old bunk bed ladder ..this will make an adorable quilt rack ...I already did one for myself ..and I display my quilts on it !....I also have an old Victorian chair ..this is the project that will take a while to get done ..the scroll work in the frame is so detailed ..and I haven't figured out how to clean the upholstery yet ? But it is a beautiful shade of sea foam .and I will be painting the frame white .. I have a few lamps I can paint today and I am going to tackle another birdhouse today ...I finished my first one yesterday ..I gave this one to my Mom !
Well when I figure out how to get the pics on here all this talk will make alot more sence ..Im sure so hang on ..and keep checking back !
I pray that you have a peaceful day ,