( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

October 29, 2011

I will not give up...

Morning Glories ~
I hope this day finds you happy and well ! As for me I am having some bumps in the road of running my new business. It hasn't stolen my joy or interrupted my peace {I refuse to let anything ever again do that} it is more of what I am calling, admittedly, some senior moments possibly, or maybe just a learning curve ..ball ? LOL Ok Here's the dilemma...I am and Blogger challenged. I have also noticed , I have some photography issues.I have been reading and really enjoying all the amazing Blogs {posted below}...Oh how they inspire me ..they are filled with so many creative and inspiring art forms and in so many ways, the crafts, the home decor, the writing, and the unbelievably beautiful photography! I am truly in awe of these amazing women, their blogs and their art forms. I know I know,
I shouldn't compare ...I keep telling myself that, but I really do not. I understand that I am a newbie, and I am so far behind in the tech and computer world ,after all, I am a baby boomer, just on the cusp anyway. I was not learned the ways of the new tech world growing up and I do give myself some credit for all I have taught myself so far and I do mean ALL BY MYSELF !It is fun to learn and it keeps me challenged and young ,dare I say. But be it what it is, if I want to keep going with my new business... learn and stretch my wings I must! I will not give up ! I will find a way {with Gods help} to learn better how to photograph..get my Etsy shop started ...write better...and maybe, just maybe in my own little way inspire someone, but even better make some new friends!
I recently re-designed my blog and called it by a new name "White Barn Country Cottage" instead of "White Barn Cottage Decor"...I will keep the old name just for the business aspect of it. I am also going to do some fun things on special days or holidays like Thrifty Thursdays {show all the great treasures I found}...or Fun Fridays {share something amusing that happened to me} Iv'e got some ideas floating around this baby boomer mind of mine and I'm hoping this is a good step in trying to create a more user friendly and interesting blog. I hope you feel the same! Let me know what you think ..I would love to hear your thoughts.
And behold "ALL THINGS ARE NEW" even my blog !
Blessings & Peace~