( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

June 24, 2012

Sneak Peek..

Morning Glories ~

I thought I would share with you a little sneak peek of a
few new items Ive been working on for the up and coming shows .. I'm so so  excited for the first show this year at "Port of Entry" Antique & Flea Market Show July 8th 2012 !!
Hope to see you there :)

 Vintage framed chalk boards & 
chalk board painted clay pots...

Scripture Vintage windows...

Altered vintage clay pots ..

This is a really cool is an Antique fishing tackle box 
when I got it.. it was in pretty bad shape I had to re-glue alot 
of the leather back into shape and scrub it clean I love that it has so many separate little sections inside and it even
 still has the key!

These will be pillows real soon ...

 This one will be framed in a beautiful vintage frame...
Some sweet vintage dictionary page covered candles...
Vintage framed print of Paris ..ooh la la ...

I am also working on many pieces of beautiful vintage painted dressers... tables...chairs..lamps ...clay tags .. a beautiful crystal chandelier ...and so so much more ! 
I will post more photos as I finish
 the projects ..if I have time ?
But if I don't get them posted ..
you will just have to stop
in and see me at the show !
Blessings & Peace



June 20, 2012

Clay Pots ...

But now, O Lord, You are our Father; 
We are the clay, and You our potter;  
and all we are the work of Your hand.
Isaiah 64:8

Good Morning Glories !
I was so happy and blessed to win the bid (a whole 2 dollars) last week at my favorite auction on a huge lot of some old clay pots and *Bonus* they came in an antique Pepsi crate Yippppeee!

 I had been looking every where trying to find a few old clay pots ...I had seen some really adorable ideas (via~ Pinterest of course) on how to alter them and I so badly wanted to give it a try, but with my own twist. A few estate sales had a couple here and there but the prices ?? ..whoa ? crazy expensive like a 2 and 3 dollars a piece ..and I knew that I could even buy some brand new ones for way cheaper than that ..but my motto is  "Recycle~Re~purpose~Repaint" and I wanted to stick with it even as badly as I wanted to try these adorable ideas ! So I waited it out ..and as always God provides !
He has always and continues to be "with me" and bless every part of my business...Lord ..I thank You and praise You ! You are amazing God ! Even in the act of working on my little clay pot project ..He is with me and brought to my mind His loving Word as I worked with my hands on these clay pots. There is aprox 40~45 of them and were they ever filthy I scrubbed away each single pot ..I was reminded of how God sees us as a the clay that He has made with His potter's hands...and how we start out so dirty and full of sin ...until we give our life to His Son Jesus...then He cleans us up and restores us whiter than snow... how each one of us is His own personal clay pot project and He puts His unique and creative touch into each one of our lives...what a beautiful picture I was given to meditate on as I worked ...I am the clay ...You are the potterThen I came across a few that were cracked or had some pretty rough spots on the edges and I thought ..I can't use these ones...but The Lord showed me different...Yes we all have cracks and rough spots and none of us are perfect ..No not one ! But God is ..and He knows the way to use the brokenness and imperfections in us for His could Jesus precious light ever shine through us ...unless we had some cracks in our earthen vessels ? And one Glorious day ..these old cracked imperfect broken pots will be restored, made whole, be beautifully perfect, and dwell forever with our loving Father ..Our God The Potter's Hands...
I hope that you too will be blessed and will think of this little reminder of God's love for us every time you spot an old clay pot!
Blessings & Peace 

 I am keeping the few cracked and rough edged pots 
for myself...the rest will be for sale
7 done 30 something more to go :)