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August 10, 2010

Hot Pepper Jelly ..Yum !

Morning Glories,
Dear Lord , I ask you to be with the lonely today, send them a friend to keep them company today..special delivery...from You ..and if no one can show up ..then make Your own presence known to their heart to keep them company !
Well, I did my very first batch of homemade Hot Pepper Jelly !! I grew Jalapenos and had quite the abundance of them ..I had to do something with all those peppers ! Well it was quite the experience ..I made sure though that I did some research first about making jelly ..and got the recipie from my friend Tracy, she got it from the internet ...I read the reviews first and everyone seemed to love it , and they give hints about it ..I love reviews , they always help ! I used only Jalapenos I did throw in a couple sweet bananna peppers only because I had extra ..but all the rest is Jalapenos and I added a tsp of hot pepper flakes ..for a little more turned out good ..I may make the next batch with 2 tsp hot pepper flakes added ..for a little more heat ..but man was it delicious !! I took out a brick of cream cheese ,put out some crackers and the jelly ..and oh we munched on this all day !! Im gonna do another batch ..cause I already gave away all I made !
My Paul took all day yesterday and cleaned all the dust in my house ..what a gem he is ! He is trying to help clean all the dust try and help me with my breathing problems ?? We are going to look into getting an air purifyer as well for the house ..something keeps making my airways close up ..but what ? we do not know yet ! Im seeing a lung specialist on Sept 15th ..hopefully he will help us figure this all out ! Im happy to report I have not touched a cigarette since July 31st ..and I just really dont even care at all ! The thought of them actually sickens me now ! When you cant breathe and your airways are closed off and you just want air so bad in your lungs ..I just cant ever imagine now filling my lungs with smoke filled air now...This is soooo God's doing ! He is truely making sure I do not ever want to touch one again !! Im appreciative for this !! It is a true blessing !
So what's on the agenda for today for me ?....hmmmm I think I will do some painting.. I have quite a few things to paint ..Im just a little afraid of the fumes right now Im going to use a heavy duty air mask to be safe ! This just sounds funny to me lol Im not used to this lung thing yet :) I will post pics later on what I painted today ! Also Im thinking of sewing a different type of shell bag for kids , one they can tie around thier waist or something ..and I also was thinking of sewing some aprons too ! well the ideas are flowing and I need to get working on something today !! Thanks for checking in ..and dont forget to leave your comments and ideas for a peacful life !!
Blessings & Peace,

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  1. Great post traci

    Keep up the great work....may God use you mightily to touch others



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