( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

July 10, 2013

Good Morning Glories ~

I know it's been FOREVER since I have posted ..{ almost one year to be exact } and I'm so sorry about that ..but I have come to realize I am NOT a blogger kind of gal ! When it comes to my passion for Cottage Décor, my business, creating, painting,..and even just decorating my own home, junking, yard sales, flea marketing, and antique shopping, I just LOVE to do it ! I do not like to write about it. Not that that is a bad thing ..Oh no ..that is a wonderful thing , if it's what you love to do, especially because I do so enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, and drooling over all the many amazing photos of such creative, talented minds !It blows me away, it really does, and I appreciate what so many people share of their lives, homes, businesses, passions, creativity and talents ! It just isn't me ! I thought that I was somehow obligated to be like all of them..and blog all of my work and creativity and every daily experience or every new renovation in my home. But I just wasn't good at that part of it, especially trying to keep up with my business and home life at the same time. Some women can do it all ..some women love it all. I am different and I do not want to do it all. I am just me. I enjoy the doing and being creative ..but not keeping an online journal of it all. And that is ok too! Me choosing to NOT blog, photograph, or document about all I do, think, or feel, does not make me any less of a person, or lazy, or not extremely passionate about WHITE BARN Cottage Décor, or any aspect of my life. It only means that I am passionate in a different way...maybe a little more private way ? I enjoy so so much , the one on one live contact I do get to experience while working, doing shows, having a booth, and while searching for vintage treasures, and I have met some really precious friends along the way!
     So... I will just keep on doing what I am doing and loving every minute of it, and I will surely keep on posting some of my latest finds, some of my finished work ...yes..but so much more on my Facebook WHITE BARN Cottage Décor page than on this BLOGGER.I will definitely keep my current shows updated on this Blog..and maybe post a few pics here and there...but Please visit me on my Facebook page from now on for all important events and updates inspirations !
 Thank You to all who visited my blog in the past I truly appreciate your interest ! I hope you will come and see me over at Facebook ..or Click here Pinterest Boards to visit my boards.. Here is the LINK for my Facebook page ~ WHITE BARN Cottage Décor
 Just Click on either to stop by for a visit !

Peaceful Blessings !

July 25, 2012

Morning Glories ~

I have been so crazy busy with my summer shows I just haven't had a moment to spare to write on my blog ..I have one more show left this year ..that would be the 2nd round at "Port of Entry" Antique & Flea Market  on Sunday August 26th 2012 I hope you will stop by and see me there and hopefully find that special treasure for your home !

Here are some photos from the last POE show on July 8th 2012 and last weekend "Canal Fest"  Flea Market July 21st & 22 2012
Both shows were an amazing time!

Thank you God for blessing me with White Barn Cottage Decor !!
Blessings & Peace