( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

March 05, 2012

Kenya: Igniting Hope in Hard Places

Kenya: Igniting Hope in Hard Places

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  1. If its Spring...why is there still snow all over my yard????
    My poor crocuses are so confused! And I just need to get in the dirt!!!!!
    Is this what they mean by Spring Fever?


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