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June 24, 2012

Sneak Peek..

Morning Glories ~

I thought I would share with you a little sneak peek of a
few new items Ive been working on for the up and coming shows .. I'm so so  excited for the first show this year at "Port of Entry" Antique & Flea Market Show July 8th 2012 !!
Hope to see you there :)

 Vintage framed chalk boards & 
chalk board painted clay pots...

Scripture Vintage windows...

Altered vintage clay pots ..

This is a really cool is an Antique fishing tackle box 
when I got it.. it was in pretty bad shape I had to re-glue alot 
of the leather back into shape and scrub it clean I love that it has so many separate little sections inside and it even
 still has the key!

These will be pillows real soon ...

 This one will be framed in a beautiful vintage frame...
Some sweet vintage dictionary page covered candles...
Vintage framed print of Paris ..ooh la la ...

I am also working on many pieces of beautiful vintage painted dressers... tables...chairs..lamps ...clay tags .. a beautiful crystal chandelier ...and so so much more ! 
I will post more photos as I finish
 the projects ..if I have time ?
But if I don't get them posted ..
you will just have to stop
in and see me at the show !
Blessings & Peace




  1. So glad to see you out at the Port of Entry flea market. I hope you had a wonderful success, you had some really great pieces.

    1. Alaina~
      Thank you for stopping by and visiting me @ Port of Entry !
      It was a really great day ! I love that show , and you and Nancy are so sweet !!Love seeing you both there !


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