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November 23, 2011

Attic Hunting

Morning Glories...
I first want to wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving ! May God richly bless you and your loved ones ..and fill your Thanksgiving table with delicious yummies...dear loved ones ...and much laughter ! I always enjoy this day and giving thanks to my Lord Jesus for all He has blessed me with He is so good all the time !

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you ...
Phil 1:3

Ok about the attic hunting  ...well this started out by me ..trying to find a few pieces that I used to own ...only to discover that they have strangely disappeared ? Like for instance I used to own the coolest metal wire gym locker basket ...I have had it for around 15 yrs ...I have used it in many different ways throughout the years ..from holding all my socks together in my holding magazines on top of my coffee table..the last I used it ...was at my very first Flea Market venue .. it was holding my vintage linens on top of a table ..oh it looked so pretty that way ..and I had painted it white just for this occasion ..I know that I packed it up after this show ... the next show I took my linens out of it and into another place {a dresser}...that was the last I remember ?? I have looked high and low ..but it is nowhere and I just can't understand it ? I truly hope that somehow I have just misplaced it and try not to think that it was walked off with ? Could that even be possible..I hope not ? Anyway ...I also used to own a beautiful antique alarm clock it was brown metal and half round very very cool looking ...again I have looked everywhere for this clock where I thought I would find it..and ...nothing !
But ...I have not gone up into the dreaded attic yet ..why ?? ...because I'm afraid to go up there ! I know that once up inside it I will have to go through approximately 25-30 tubs of stuff ..mostly my two sons worth of  baby things.. papers and artwork... but there are those tubs which are full of many old treasured heirlooms ...and some filled with antiques I have picked up through the years...and pictures...and old decor items I just couldn't part with at my yard sales...there is furniture up there too ..some really old pieces...and my wedding memories as well ...I wouldn't mind actually... seeing my gown again... it's been quite a while ! 
So what I'm going to do is get very brave ..dress warm ...and march up those stairs and start hunting hopefully ..I will find the things that are missing ..but even better ...find some really cool things that I can dust off and display once again or for the very first time ...actually I'm thinking this is gonna be kinda fun ...Exploring my very own attic !
Stay tuned for the post in a few days... of all the things that I found... I will have photos !

Blessings & Peace ,

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  1. Hi Tracy~ Thanks so much for posting my giveaway on your beautiful blog!! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~ Hugs, Rachel

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