( kot'ij ), n. 1. A small family dwelling ; a hut ; a cot . Cottage is now applied to any modest country or suburban dwelling . 2.A shed used for temporary shelter for man or beast. One of several detached houses forming a hotel , a city or country house of one story though sometimes with attic rooms. 3. A very peaceful ,relaxing , home or cabin filled with cozy, comfortable ,carefree, time worn, vintage furniture and accessories . 4. A place to rest and rejuvenate.

July 14, 2011

Please bear with me while I am trying to re do my blog site may have some things out of order for a bit while I am trying to get it just right !! Have a great day ! 
Below are some of my latest re purposed items :
Scripture signs made with recycled wood

Distressed candle holders made from rescued vintage spindles

Framed vintage samplers ..framed with rescued frames
Shabby Chic lamp made from an old ugly brass lamp 

Sayings made from old scrabble pieces

                                                 A beautiful vintage oil lamp ( it didnt look like this when I got it )
 Vintage wooden hangers painted cottage colors 
 A rescued vintage beach chair I painted and sewed a new seat
Another old vintage ugly lamp ..made shabby chic 
Some vintage finds .. sorry about the pic quality
A cool vintage mosaic table 
 A pr of vintage crystal lamps ..and my Genny in the back ground
This was rescued from the curb in 2 pieces ..the wrought iron bottom was rusted its so shabby chic
One of my bird houses 
Much much more to come ....Ive got to get busy for my show coming up ! Hope you will stop by and visit me  at Canal Fest of the Tonawanda's   Flea Market area  July 23 &24  Sat & Sun  !!


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