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September 29, 2010

Basement Redo ..ugh !!

Morning Glories ,
Dear Lord , Please give rest to the weary,hope to the broken, and comfort to those in pain! Make your face to shine upon their hearts this day and always ! Thank you Jesus Amen
It's official ...I have been side tracked ...the cooler weather has begun and I became panic stricken about where I will work ? My basement was the only option ..yet it was a major disaster area !...All of a sudden it is hitting me ..this is not just a fun little hobby anymore ..this is really hard ..this is truly "work" lol ...with all the projects that just keep presenting themselves..they just keep coming (I am grateful for though !) and trying to organize it all ...which ones to work on first ..which needs what ..the never ending list of supplies ..organizing that ..trying to keep up the blog ..the before and after photos ..also now trying to create a website from which to sell from ..this takes creative ideas ..and my head is spinning with them !..during all this ..I'm also trying to redo my bedroom .. Paul is redoing Edwards room and now Ive decided to tackle the biggest scariest project of all basement ..(I will be posting pics ..this takes much bravery)..but it is absolutely a necessary, I have to have an indoor workshop ! But to be honest ....lately lol..Ive been daydreaming...that HGTV would just come bursting in and surprise me with 3 room makeovers ahhhhh to dream !! ..Snap!! ..back to reality ..the work is all mine ..ok I need to get on with it then !! Even though is becoming a little overwhelming ..I am still so totally in major love with this work ,which I actually do consider an art form of some sort ..because I am somehow able to express through it take something that was thrown out ..not wanted anymore ..just because of a couple imperfections..or because it's old ..and seems tired or used up ?? to tenderly rescue this piece able to give it a new life by paying some attention to it and loving it caring for it and mending it ..and watching as it goes through it's metamorphosis ..well really touches my heart ..because ..I feel like this is similar to my own life and my story ,how Jesus rescued me and has transformed me ! I know that He is also in this new adventure of my life..but that is a whole new blog post anyways....the basement ..the list of what needs to be done goes : fix the water leaks ... transfer a lot of junk from basement to attic ..throw out old leather and paint all wood paneling ..lay down vinyl flooring that looks like wood floor planks ..paint the ceiling basement windows ..set up area for Corey's guitar ..a new sofa for TV watching ..and my workshop on the opposite side ..and organize all this to look like it all fits ..some how ?? HELP !! Well if I have learned anything in my life is this by day and step by step ..this is how the Good Lord is doing my makeover, and it is how I am going to do mine ! I can do it ..I will finish it ..just watch and see !! lol ;) Pics will be posted soon on makeovers !!
May Blessings & Peace fill your day,

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